“From the archives to the modern specifications”

Taking up the first drawings from the Cristiano Berto archive, dated 1984, we redefine the concept of shirts.

The pockets return to have functionality, and the fabric returns to be the protagonist.

Inspired by the study on shirts that the designer has been carrying out since 1984 through his work for many brands, SHIRTS SPECIFICATIONS takes up the guidelines of the product: comfortable or more calibrated lines, but always based on comfort.

Focal point: lowered pocket positioning, to allow “fluid” and comfortable access, the pocket finds its logical sense and is no longer just a detail.

Wider pockets are built with balanced proportions and a study of bellows that keep them flat, without interfering with functionality.

The pockets of the models presented in the capsule take up the original studies that can be admired in the archive drawings: the work continues.

Collars designed to be worn with a tie, buttoned or open: in any case you are sure of a perfect fit, to coexist with the shape of the lapels of the 1ST PAT-RN jackets and to be worn under the sweaters of the knitwear capsule.

The fabrics come from the best Italian and international manufacturers, to seal once again that “fabrics are everything” and that the symbiosis between fabric, manufacturing, and design makes the product one: after all, the actual value of a product is exactly the summary of these three elements.