Welcome to our store, a place dedicated entirely to the UTILITY SPECIFICATIONS project.

Utility Specifications represents a new chapter and benchmark for all the enthusiasts who have been by our side since the beginning and helped shape the vision of our brand to this very day.
In 2012, 1ST PAT-RN introduced a fresh take on the classic staples of modern-day clothing. Rather than simply “replicating” existing styles, the aim of this creative journey was to rethink what was while incorporating key values and reinterpreting them in a personal way.

As we went through our archive and retraced our steps, we realised that a substantial part of what we offered was dedicated to products influenced by military wear, workwear and outdoor wear.

These categories, which constitute milestones in the history of fashion and were revolutionised by Italian designers in the 1980s who modernised them and adapted them to contemporary clothing, all share a fundamental aspect: utility.

We decided to create a special place featuring a range dedicated to the concept of “utility”.

This idea was inspired by feedback provided by our customers during our time on the global market.
Utility Specifications was created to offer products that epitomise the following design aspects: functionality, form, material, colour, intended use and uniqueness.

For us, these aspects represent the very essence of “utility”.
Allocating a special place where the philosophy behind this concept could thrive in its entirety was absolutely essential.
This inspired us to establish a new location and label with a direct link to 1ST PAT-RN, offering a wide array of intermingling styles, pieces and pairings.
Thank you very much for visiting.

We are committed to providing the best possible experience every time and continue to design and offer products born out of our ongoing research.

Cristiano and Silvia